The Sweet Chilli Chicken One – Crispy

The Sweet Chilli Chicken One – Crispy 2

A midnight craving is fascinating until you have a crispy chicken wrap in a hot tortilla. You can have a sweet chilli chicken wrap for snack time, lunch, or dinner. This delicious wrap has enough calories to fill your tummy after skipping a meal because you didn’t like the dish you had for lunch.

The Sweet Chilli Chicken One – Crispy is the best alternative if you dislike burgers containing meat and cheese. You can enjoy it with your friends and family every Friday and Sunday.

Below is complete information about the wrap ingredients, allergens, and nutritional value, so read it carefully.

Ingredients in the Sweet Chilli Chicken One – Crispy


Tortilla 170 kcal | 719kJ

McDonald's Crispy Chicken

Crispy Chicken 240 kcal |1,002kJ


Lettuce 2 kcal | 9kJ


Cucumber 4 kcal | 18kJ

McDonald's  Sweet chilli sauce

Sweet chilli sauce 23 kcal | 98kJ

McDonald's  Cool mayo

Cool mayo 30 kcal | 122kJ

Nutritional Summary

NutritionValue%RI (Adult)
Energy (kcal)46923% RI*
Energy (kJ)196623% RI*
Protein22 g44% RI*
Carbs52 g20% RI*
Fat18 g26% RI*
Fibre4 g—-
Salt2.1 g34% RI*
Sugar6.7 g7%   RI*
Saturated fat2.3 g12% RI*


  • Egg: Allergic reactions can be caused by a protein in eggs.
  • Wheat: Some people get allergic reactions due to gluten found in wheat.
  • Mustard: It is rare, but people still get this allergen when they consume mustard.
  • Milk: allergic reactions can occur due to the protein found in milk, just like eggs.
  • Celery: When someone consumes celery in large quantities, it can cause an allergic reaction.

Traces of Allergens

Trace allergens are also known as allergens found in food but not in intentional ingredients. Here are some examples of traces of allergens:

  • Rye gluten
  • Sesame
  • Barley gluten

Ingredient Details in the Sweet Chilli Chicken One


Tortilla is a bread made from corn or wheat. It wraps all the ingredients of sweet chilli crispy chicken, including crispy chicken and sweet chilli sauce. Tortilla ingredients include glycerol, raising agents, salt, emulsifier, rapeseed oil, wheat fiber, yeast, stabilizer, water, wholemeal wheat flour, wheat flour, and wheat starch.

Crispy Chicken

Breast chicken pieces are the most essential ingredient in any wrap. They are marinated with breadcrumbs to make them crispy. The wrap also contains acidity regulators, chicken breast meat 57%, powdered spice extract, raising agents, vegetable oils, wheat flour, salt, garlic powder, dextrose, stabilizers, flavoring, onion, modified starch, spices, starch, wheat gluten, and yeast extract.

Sweet chilli sauce

This sauce, made from various spices, sugar, chili peppers, and vinegar, gives crispy chicken a spicy and sweet taste. The ingredients in sweet chili sauce are dried chilies, modified maize starch, dried red bell peppers, potassium sorbate, salt, white wine vinegar, garlic, natural paprika flavoring, red chilies, thickeners, water, sugar, rapeseed oil, spirit vinegar, acid, and glucose.

Cool mayo

Cool mayo is a mayonnaise made from various ingredients such as vinegar, seasoning, eggs, and oil. It adds a juicy touch and enhances the taste of sweet chilli crispy chicken wrap.


To give your wrap a crunchy taste, cut the slices of fresh cucumber and add to the tortilla of sweet chilli chicken.


To make this wrap every bite more refreshing and crunchy, add lettuce with cool mayo, crispy chicken, and sweet chilli sauce in a hot and soft tortilla.

Price of The Sweet Chili Chicken One Crispy

The famous McDonald’s sweet chili wrap is priced at:

  • The Sweet Chili Chicken One Large Meal: £6.39
  • The Sweet Chili Chicken One Medium Meal: £5.59


Regarding calories, sweet chili chicken wraps have more calories than a small cheeseburger. However, wraps might be a healthy option for people who don’t like meat or cheeseburgers.

This McDonald’s wrap contains more calories than a burger. One sweet chilli crispy chicken wrap has 469 kcal and 1966 KJ of energy.

Try this delicious hot tortilla wrap filled with chicken bites, garlic mayo, sweet chilli sauce, cucumber, and lettuce every Friday and Sunday.

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