The Spicy Veggie One (Monday and Thursday)

Mcdonald's spicy Veggie Wrap

The spicy veggie one wrap at McDonald’s is a perfect option for vegetarian people. If you are vegetarian, you must try this wrap; if not, I recommend you try this veggie wrap at least once. Time, believe me, you will love it. I also had one last Monday with my vegan friends.

It is a crunchy veggie dipper with vegetables and spicy sauce, making this wrap juicy and spicy. A crispy coating of veggie dipper and spicy relish will give a delightful experience whether you are vegan or not. Another important thing is that this wrap is certified by the Society of Vegetarians, so all the ingredients you will taste are vegetarian-friendly.

Ingredients in the Spicy Veggie Wrap


Tortilla 170 kcal | 719kJ

McDonald's Veggie dippers

Veggie dippers 160 kcal | 670kJ


Lettuce 2 kcal | 9kJ

Red onion rings

Red onion rings 3 kcal | 12kJ

Spicy relish

Spicy relish 26 kcal | 109kJ

Tomato slice

Tomato slice 3 kcal |14kJ

Nutritional Summary of the Spicy Veggie One

1532 kJ | 365 kcal

NutritionValue%RI (Adult)
Energy (kcal)36518% RI*
Energy (kJ)153218% RI*
Protein8.7 g17% RI*
Carbs59 g23% RI*
Fat8.8 g13% RI*
Saturated fat1.3 g 6% RI*
Salt1.2 g20% RI*
Sugar8.6 g10% RI*
Fibre7.1 g ___


  • Wheat gluten: People often get wheat gluten allergy when their immune system triggers a defensive response to wheat. 
  • Mustard: Mustard allergy is one of the common and major allergies usually found in children.

Traces of allergens

  • Milk
  • Rye gluten
  • Barley gluten
  • Sesame

Ingredients Detail in Mcdonald’s spicy Veggie Wrap

Veggie dippers

Veggie dipper is made with sundried tomato pesto and a blend of red pepper coated in breadcrumbs. Following are the ingredients of veggie dippers: Breadcrumb (8%), White sugar, Basil, Tomato paste, Water, Black pepper, Yellow split peas, Gram flour, Rice flour, Garlic puree, Sunflower oil, Thickener, Tomato, Maize flour, Olive oil, Maize starch, Cornflour, Teff flour, Cooked arborio rice, Red pepper (7%), Onion, Red vine vinegar, Dried glucose syrup, Rapeseed oil, Salt, Emulsifier, Dextrose and Amaranth flour.

Spicy relish

Spicy relish is a sauce made from different spices and used to enhance the taste of this veggie wrap. Following are the ingredients of spicy relish: Jalapeno-chilli (6.0%), bell pepper, Thickener, Tomato puree, Firming agent, Lemon juice concentrate, Natural flavouring, Water, Sugar, Spirit Vinegar, Spices, Salt, Modified maize starch and Gherkins.

Large tortilla wrap

Tortilla bread provides a soft texture that wraps all the delicious ingredients of spicy veggie wrap. Tortillas contain rapeseed oil, Salt, Emulsifier, Water, Glycerol, Wholemeal wheat flour, Wheat flour, Raising agents, Stabilizer, Wheat fibre, Wheat starch and Yeast.


Fresh lettuce makes the spicy veggie wrap a perfect vegetable dish. Adding a light element to the other wrap ingredients

Tomato slice

A slice of tomato is used in the tortilla to make this wrap much juicier and provide a sweet taste. 

Red onion rings

Red onions of ring shape are used in hot tortillas to add the extra flavour of dippers in the spicy veggie wrap.

Price of The Spicy Veggie One

  • Large Meal: £6.39
  • Medium Meal: £5.59

The spicy veggie wrap review 

Before I tasted the spicy veggie wrap, I thought it was only for vegetarian people because for people like me, wrap means a soft tortilla carries crispy chicken and cool mayo but I was wrong, after eating this veggie wrap I can say it’s made for me.

The packaging, the taste, and the texture of McDonald’s spicy veggie wrap was exceptional. Every bite gave me the crunchiness and refreshing feeling of vegetables. It was a wonderful experience, and now I eat this veggie wrap from McDonald’s every Monday.


There are 365 kcal calories and 1532 kJ of energy in a single McDonald’s spicy veggie wrap. 

It is a spicy sriracha chicken wrap made with grilled chicken, lettuce, sliced onions, and cucumber on a hot, soft toasted wrap.

The spicy veggie wrap is specially made for vegetarians; all ingredients that you will taste in the spicy veggie wrap are vegan and dairy-free.

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