The Spicy Sriracha Chicken One – Grilled at McDonald’s

The Spicy Sriracha Chicken One-Grilled

McDonald’s has introduced another amazing wrap to break the boredom and bring a spicy kick to your day. The meal is none other than the spicy Sriracha Chicken One-grilled. It has an electrifying combination of ingredients topped with a tangy Spicy Sriracha sauce. The harmonious blend of flavours and textures reflects McDonald’s culinary legacy.

I love the way they drenched every ingredient in spicy sriracha sauce making it a perfect meal for spice enthusiasts. The first bite of this wrap gives an electrifying buzz to your taste palette. Also, it has a satisfying Spicy Sriracha Chicken One – Crispy flavor. You can get this big flavour wrap only on Wednesdays.

Delectable Ingredients of The Spicy Sriracha Chicken One-Grilled


Tortilla 170 kcal | 719 kJ

Wrap Grilled chicken

Grilled chicken 111 kcal | 470 kJ


Lettuce 2 kcal | 9 kJ


Cucumber 4 kcal | 18 kJ

Crispy onions

Onion slices 3 kcal | 12 kJ

Spicy Sriracha Sauce

Sriracha sauce 13 kcal | 56 kJ

Wrap Nutrition Overview

1197 kJ | 283 kcal

Energy (kJ)1197
Energy (kcal)283
Saturated Fat0.9g

The spicy sriracha chicken one-grilled is a wholesome, guilt-free meal. The main ingredient is Chicken, which is grilled on smoke. Grilling limits the calorie count, retains nutrients, and adds a subtle smoky flavour to the chicken. The other ingredients, tortilla wrap, vegetables, and sriracha sauce, contain fewer calories. Hence, the total calorie count of this wrap is just 283 kcal 1197 kJ.

Exploring the Ingredients of The Spicy Sriracha Chicken One-Grilled

The spicy sriracha chicken one – grilled has a tempting fusion of multiple flavourful and savoury ingredients. The colourful veggies and juicy grilled chicken make it a healthy, yummy, and comfy food option. Let’s talk about its delectable ingredients in detail.

Tortilla Wrap

McDonald’s uses a soft wheat tortilla wrap with colourful ingredients. Wheat contains basic nutritious elements, including gluten. McDonald’s toasts the tortilla to add a crispy texture. It is soft enough to be bitten with a light force. Each bite offers a crispy and soft feel simultaneously.

Grilled Chicken

The main ingredient of the wrap is well-marinated grilled chicken. It introduces a succulent texture and a smoky flavour to the wrap. In the crispy variant, the chicken is fried to achieve a golden crispy texture.

Crunchy Cucumber Slices

Cucumber is a refreshing and calming ingredient. Its slices are added to bring a crunchy texture along with a cool juiciness sensation.

Tantalizing Onion Slices

Thinly sliced onion adds an instant savoury and rich flavour to the wrap. Biting into the crunchy onion slices complements the tender grilled chicken well.

Crispy Lettuce

Crispy lettuce is a refreshing and crunchy element of the wrap. Its clean taste and nutritious benefits make it a worthy veggie choice.

Flavorful Sriracha Sauce

Finally, the crunchy veggies and juicy chicken are drenched with rich, spicy, bold Sriracha sauce. This sauce, made of chilli peppers and aromatic condiments, adds the signature well-balanced spicy taste to this wrap with a mild hint of sweetness.

Potential Allergens

Among the 14 allergenic Ingredients listed by the Food Standards Agency, grilled spicy sriracha wrap contains only two. Both the ingredients are directly used in the making of this meal.

  • Wheat Gluten: Wraps are made from wheat tortillas that contain gluten by nature. It can trigger allergies in people sensitive to it.

Allergen Traces

McDonald’s follows strict guidelines in the kitchen and responsibly uses ingredients. However, due to cross-contamination between the utensils, the wrap may contain some traces of the following ingredients.

  • Sesame Seeds: McDonald’s uses buns topped with these seeds and toasts all the buns and tortillas in the same toaster. Hence, sesame-free meals can get a few traces of it.
  • Milk: It can be present in the wrap and can trigger allergies for lactose-intolerant people.
  • Rye: Minute traces of rye gluten can be present in the wrap.
  • Barley: Barley Gluten might be present in the tortilla wrap.


The spicy sriracha chicken one—grilled is perfect for McDonald’s goers craving a spice kick. The succulent, juicy wrap is loaded with tender, well-spiced chicken, cucumber and onion slices, crunchy Lettuce, and a zesty sriracha sauce. The main ingredient, chicken, is grilled to culinary perfection, making it a low-calorie and healthier choice.

The Sriracha sauce is famous for its fiery spicy taste. However, it is added in the right amount so that anyone can tolerate the spice level. There’s just the right balance, neither too strong nor too weak, so why wait anymore? Enjoy it! Grab it now!

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