The Garlic Mayo Chicken One – Grilled (McDonald’s)

The Garlic Mayo Chicken One – Grilled (McDonald’s)

The Garlic Mayo Chicken One – Grilled Wrap is the best option to beat fast food cravings. This large, hot tortilla wrap perfectly combines garlic mayo sauce, grilled chicken, and fresh vegetables. You can get this fantastic wrap at McDonald’s every Saturday and Monday.

For people who love fast food such as burgers and pizza but want to avoid consuming high-calorie foods, the one-grilled garlic mayo chicken is the perfect food item. It’s a low-calorie chicken wrap that is high in protein and low in fat.

Ingredients of the The Garlic Mayo Chicken One – Grilled

Tortilla Bread

Tortilla 170 kcal | 719 kJ

Grilled chicken strips

Grilled Chicken 240 kcal |1,002kJ

Fresh Lettuce Leaves

Lettuce 2 kcal | 9 kJ

Slices of Cucumber

Cucumber 4 kcal | 18 kJ

Juicy Tomato

Tomato 3 kcal | 14 kJ

Garlic mayo sauce

Cool mayo 61 kcal | 253 kJ

Nutritional Summary of Garlic Mayo Chicken One – Grilled

1473 kJ | 350 kcal

NutritionValue%RI (Adult)
Energy (kJ)147318% RI
Energy (kcal)35018% RI
Fibre4.9 g____
Protein24.9 g50% RI
Sugar 5.3 g6% RI
Fat9.3 g14% RI
Saturated fat1.4 g7% RI
Carbs39.1 g15% RI
Salt1.55 g25% RI
Nutritional Summary


  • Wheat gluten: The wheat gluten allergen contain the allergen wheat gluten because the wheat is used to make tortilla bread.
  • Egg: Some individuals may be allergic to egg white protein. The wrap ingredient garlic mayo contains eggs.
  • Mustard: Garlic mayo sauce contains the mustard. People may get allergic after consuming the garlic sauce in the wrap.

Traces of Allergens

  • Sesame seeds: Even though sesame seed is not an ingredient, traces of sesame seeds are present in different Ingredients such as bread, etc.
  • Barley gluten: It is essential to avoid foods that contain barley, such as buns, bread, etc. However, barley gluten is not an ingredient; certain products might have traces.
  • Rye gluten: Rye contains gluten protein, which is also found in cereal grains. People who are allergic to rye should not consume food that contains rye.

Ingredients Detail in The Garlic Mayo Chicken One – Grilled


Toasted Tortilla bread provides a foundation for the wrap ingredients, including grilled chicken, vegetables, and garlic sauce. In tortilla bread, whole wheat flour, rapeseed oil, wheat flour (thiamin, calcium carbonate, niacin, iron), wheat fiber, emulsifier, wheat starch, water, stabilizer (carboxymethylcellulose), salt, raising agents (Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate), glycerol (humectant) are used.

Grilled chicken 

Grilled chicken strips featured in a wrap to provide a smoky taste. It is prepared with breast pieces of chicken. These chicken strips are added to make every bite flavourful. The ingredients of grilled chicken are chicken breasts, salt, potato starch, brown sugar, and natural flavorings

Garlic mayo

Garlic mayo sauce is added to the tortilla wrap to cover the grilled chicken strips. This creamy sauce is also tangy. In this juicy sauce, the following ingredients are used: Sour cream, Free-range egg yolk (3.0%), Preservative (Potassium Sorbate), Sugar, Spices, Water, Spirit Vinegar, Lemon juice concentrate, Thickener (Xanthan Gum), Rapeseed oil (27%), Modified maize starch, Salt, Garlic puree (2.0%).


A crunchy vegetable is included to provide a crispy texture. Covering the spiciness of grilled chicken with a cool element.


A tomato slice adds a burst of freshness to the wrap. Along with cucumber, it balances out the heat from grilled chicken by providing a sweeter taste.


A slice of cucumber provides a cool texture and a refreshing crunch to the garlic mayo chicken wrap.

Price of The Garlic Mayo Chicken One – Grilled

  • Large Meal: £5.99
  • Medium Meal: £5.19

The Garlic Mayo Chicken One-Grilled Review 

I tried the crispy garlic mayo chicken wrap, which was delectable, but I wanted to have a garlic mayo with low calories and good nutrition. Luckily, I got my ideal wrap, the garlic mayo chicken one-grille, at McDonald’s, which gives me a decent amount of protein and high carbs.

The wrap I had comprised garlic mayo sauce and vegetables with grilled chicken in a soft tortilla bread. I asked for some more garlic sauce with fries and a soft drink. It was a great meal to have for a foodie person like me.


The garlic mayo chicken one-grilled wrap contains 1396 kJ or 332 kcal calories.

McDonald’s grilled chicken wrap contains low calories, high protein, a good amount of carbohydrates, and low fat, which is why it is healthier than many burgers and pizzas.

This grilled chicken may not be considered junk food because it is high in protein, and the wrap contains low-fat ingredients.

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