McDonald’s Snack Wrap Prices (Updated 2024)

The McDonald’s snack wrap is a delectable and healthy fast food item on McDonald’s menu. It comes in different flavors; each contains crispy or grilled chicken, lettuce, cheddar cheese, and spicy and creamy sauces including salsa roja, honey mustard, and ranch. However, the snack wrap is currently unavailable on McDonald’s menu cards, but according to a company announcement, the customer’s favorite snack wrap will be making a comeback by 2025.

The first launch took place in the United States in 2006. At that time, snack wraps were available only in crispy chicken fillets with ranch sauce. In 2007, McDonald’s added grilled chicken flavor and other sauce options like honey mustard and salsa roja. Along with the United Kingdom McDonald’s, some other countries, including the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and South Korea, also have snack wraps on their menus.

In the following, I will share some interesting information regarding snack wrap flavors, alternatives to snack wraps, McDonald’s snack wrap prices, and the new snack wrap launched in 2025.

Mcdonald’s Snack Wrap Prices and  Flavours

Here are some exciting flavors of McDonald’s snack wrap from different countries, with prices. Don’t forget to check it out.

Snack wrap flavourPriceCountry
Spicy chicken snack wrap£1.69United Kingdom
Spicy buffalo chicken snack wrapCA$3.89Canada 
Hot dog snack wrap4053.55 KRWSouth Korea
Ranch chicken snack wrap with crispy chickenCA$3.15Canada 
Chicken snack wrap10. AEDUnited Arab Emirates
Grilled chicken snack wrapAU$3.50Australia
Chicken snack wrapAU$5.25Australia 
Chipotle chicken snack wrap with grilled chickenCA$3.79Canada 
Chicken snack wrap happy mealCA$6.33Canada 

Which other restaurants have a snack wrap?

If you miss McDonald’s snack wrap after its discontinuation from the McDonald’s menu, then don’t worry there are some alternative options for snack wrap lovers in other restaurants.

Burger King

In August 2023, Burger King released three BK royal crispy wraps, which taste the same as McDonald’s snack wraps. The three BK royal crispy wraps come in spicy, honey, and classic flavors. However, the Burger King wraps don’t contain shredded cheese like McDonald’s snack wraps, and you will get only a crispy chicken flavor in all three BK wraps.

three BK royal wrap
Wendy’s grilled chicken ranch wrap


Wendy’s is popular for its hamburger, but they also added a grilled chicken ranch wrap to attract snack wrap lovers. If you want grilled flavor and shredded cheese with a similar wrap base to McDonald’s snack wrap, I suggest you go for Wendy’s grilled chicken snack wrap. Wendy’s wrap offers grilled chicken, shredded cheddar cheese, ranch sauce, and crispy lettuce in a flour tortilla wrap.


For snack wrap fans, Sonic has crispy tender wraps in two flavors: cheesy baja and hickory BBQ. Each flavor wrap comprises shredded cheddar cheese, crispy tender chicken, and lettuce leaves. For just $1.99, there couldn’t be a better McDonald’s snack wrap alternative than Sonic crispy tender wraps.

Sonic crispy tender wraps
Chipotle chicken snack wrap

Tim Hortons

Other restaurants provide different wraps that taste like McDonald’s snack wraps, while Tim Hortons offers the Chipotle chicken snack wrap, one of McDonald’s snack wrap flavors. The Chipotle snack wrap in Tim Hortons comes in three flavors: bacon, chicken, and steak. The chipotle wrap comprises smoky chipotle sauce, lettuce, cheddar cheese, and tomato.


KFC offers Kentucky fried chicken wraps in two versions: spicy slaw and classic. The spicy slaw wrap consists of crispy chicken tenders, spicy sauce, and crispy pickles in a tortilla wrap. The classic one also contains chicken tenders and crispy pickles but creamy mayo instead of spicy sauce. These wraps may not give the exact feeling of McDonald’s snack wraps, but they can be delicious alternatives due to their similar texture.

Kentucky fried chicken wraps

The new version of a snack wrap

McDonald’s used to offer snack wraps in crispy and grilled flavors along with honey mustard sauce on its menu. In 2016, McDonald’s stopped offering snack wraps because they were complicated and time-consuming. Now, McDonald’s plans to expand its menu of chicken items by offering some delectable options.

The news is circulating that they are bringing a new version of snack wrap to their menu. The new version of snack wrap will be called McCrispy Wrap. The McCrispy Wrap will be available worldwide by the end of 2025 in all McDonald’s branches. McDonald’s also plans to expand the McCrispy into tenders along with wraps. The McCrispy would consist of a crispy chicken fillet, potato roll, crinkle-cut pickle, and salted butter.

How crispy would be McCrispy wraps?

The comeback of snack wraps will put more pressure on McDonald’s because now they have to give the same satisfaction and crispness as their customers used to get from snack wraps. The new McCrispy wrap should be crispy like its previous version if McDonald’s wants to regain their snack wrap customer.

Mcdonald’s hasn’t revealed any information about McCrispy wraps, however, the McCrispy wrap will be based on the McCrispy sandwich. The taste of the current McCrispy sandwich disappoints McDonald’s customers completely because it is not crispy and there are some complaints regarding the sandwich’s texture. I don’t know how similar Mccrispy Sandwich and McCrispy Wrap would be, but everyone wants crispness in the new snack wrap.

Why does McDonald’s need to reintroduce snack wrap?

It has been 8 years since McDonald’s discontinued snack wrap from its menu but still, everyone wants that crispy and delectable snack wrap again. It’s not only about people’s preferences but McDonald’s snack wrap is one of the healthiest food items on their menu card, especially the grilled one.

The low-calorie content of snack wraps also makes them convenient for people on a diet. McDonald’s snack wrap is the best choice for hot summer days due to the refreshing ranch sauce, fresh lettuce leaves, and cold cheese. I can say that McDonald’s Snack Wrap and The Sweet Chilli Chicken One Crispy are the best and most convenient fast food items on McDonald’s menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

The McDonald’s snack wrap comprises grilled or crispy chicken strips, Monterey Jack cheese, cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce leaves, and different sauces including honey mustard, ranch, and salsa roja in a flour tortilla wrap.

Making a snack wrap was complicated and time-consuming, so McDonald’s removed this item from their menu.

McDonald’s snack wraps are available in countries including the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, and the United Arab Emirates.

Burger King has released its snack wrap, similar to McDonald’s. However, Burger King’s wrap doesn’t contain shredded cheese and doesn’t have a grilled flavor.

By the end of 2025, McDonald’s will start offering a new snack wrap called McCrispy wraps on all McDonald’s branches.

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