McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys – June 2024

McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy with cold drink

McDonald’s Happy Meal is specially designed for kids, and they get unique toys along with their delicious meals. There are books about helping our loved ones and kindness that your children can choose instead of a toy in Happy Meals. To get a toy and a book, you must purchase two different Happy Meals.

Since January 2021, McDonald’s has removed the plastic packaging of toys and books and introduced recyclable paper packaging in its Happy Meals. By replacing hard plastic toys with soft toys, McDonald’s is not only providing these fascinating deals for kids but also helping the environment.

This article will share the meals you get in McDonald’s Happy Meals and the toys available for your kids in 2024. You will also learn about the cost of McDonald’s Happy Meal toys, so don’t forget to check them out.

Happy Meal Toys

There are different toy options for kids in McDonald’s Happy Meal so that they can choose their favourite one. However, Happy Meals toys often change according to new trends so that customers can have different fascinating toys throughout the year. You can skip the meal and still get your favourite Happy Meal toy separately by paying only for the toy at the restaurant.

McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys 2024

The McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys of 2024 starts with the Squishmallows toy. It was released in December 2023 and was available with McDonald’s Happy Meal in January 2024. The Squishmallow toy collection has many different toys, including Hans, Maul, Grimace, Sunny, Prince, Fifi, Gordon, etc. 

Squishmallows toys
Mr. Men Little Miss toy

Since February 7, 2024, new Mr. Men Little Miss toys have been included in McDonald’s Happy Meals. This astonishing toy collection has 9 different toys, including Mr Bump, Little Miss Naughty, Mr. Happy, Little Miss Sunshine, Mr. Funny, Little Miss Brave, etc. Until March 26, 2024, you can grab different Little Miss or Mr. Men toys through Happy Meals.

McDonald’s Happy Meal toys cost

The price of Happy Meals usually depends on the location of McDonald’s. However, the average price could be between £2.58 and £3.59. You will get a happy meal and only one toy at this price. If you don’t want a toy, there are books that you can choose over a toy.

Customers can get only one toy in a single invoice; for more toys, they have to purchase more Happy Meals. Getting a McDonald’s Happy Meal toy separately without ordering a meal is also possible. However, customers still have to go to the restaurant because they can’t order the toy online. The toy cost at McDonald’s will be around  £1.48.

Download the Happy Meal App

There is a gripping McDonald’s Happy Meal app where your kid can enjoy different games, activities, and exciting ebooks. They can also interact with their favourite McDonald’s Happy Meal toy character by scanning the box on the app. Also, different fun challenges and fascinating activities will help your kid establish new skills. The app is available on:

  • Google Play
  • App Store

McDonald’s Happy Meal

There is a variety of delectable food items that you can choose from at McDonald’s Happy Meals. The main items of Happy Meal included hamburgers, chicken nuggets, veggie dippers, finger fish, and a cheeseburger. The side items contain apple slices, salad, and fries. The drink options are soft drinks, juice, and milk.

Hamburger Meal

Hamburger Meal

 A Hamburger Meal contains a Hamburger, organic milk, and a carrot bag. It provides 1721 | 410 kcal energy.

Cheeseburger Meal

Cheeseburger Meal

A Cheeseburger Meal has a cheeseburger, carrot bag, and organic milk. It contains around 1916 kJ | 457 kcal energy.

Chicken McNuggets Meal

Chicken McNuggets Meal

This Meal includes four chicken McNuggets, organic milk, and a carrot bag. It contains 1393 kJ | 333 kcal of energy.

Fish Finger Meal

Fish Finger Meal

The fish finger meal contains three pieces of finger fish, a carrot bag, and organic milk. It provides 1316 kJ | 314 kcal of energy.

Veggie Dippers Meal

Veggie Dippers Meal

The veggie dippers meal contains 1335 kJ | 319 kcal and 2 pieces of veggie dippers, organic milk, and a carrot bag.

Mcdonald’s Happy Meal playground

Happy Meal playground

The first McDonald’s Happy Meal playground was established at the Ronald McDonald House in Oxford. Mcdonald’s Happy Meal playground is specially installed for children of all ages and their families, and it is where they can stay and enjoy several activities. This playground used over a million recycled McDonald’s Happy Meal toys.

These toys were collected during lockdown time for the Happy Meal playground. They also invited people with Happy Meal toys to return their old ones rather than throw them in the garbage. The best thing about McDonald’s Happy Meal playground is that it can be recycled again if it gets broken down or needs to be replaced.

There is no age restriction for ordering a Happy Meal. If you are an adult, you can request a Happy Meal and get a toy for your children or siblings.

The value of McDonald’s Happy Meal toys depends on their demand, condition, and how rare they are. The old toy’s value toy can be between £0.79 to £7.88.

The McDoodler stencil is the oldest and first-ever toy introduced in Happy Meals.

From 2021, Mr. Men was the most profitable McDonald’s toy. Mr. Men’s Toys sold for around £500.

Yes, you can get McDonald’s Happy Meal toys separately at McDonald’s without ordering a meal.

There is no sweet chilli chicken one crispy wrap available on McDonald’s Happy Meal. You can get it at McDonald’s as the wrap of the day on Friday and Sunday.

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