Chili Cheese Bites

McDonald’s Cheese Bites 2024

McDonald’s cheese bites have ideal crunch and cheese smoothness. The perfection of flavours and textures shines on these little treats. You can enjoy these cheese bites as a snack or order them with another menu item. Let’s get in to discover the variety of cheese bites and their flavours.

Variety of Cheese Bites at McDonald’s UK

McDonald’s serves three types of mouthwatering cheese bites to satisfy your snack craving. Whether you are looking for a spice kick or want to enjoy the creamy cheese alone, you have the list to choose. The three types of cheese bites offered by McDonald’s are:

  • Chilli cheese bites
  • Nacho cheese bites 
  • Cheese melt dippers.
McDonald’s Chilli Cheese Bites

£6.98 | 231 kcal

McDonald’s Chilli Cheese Bites

Chilli cheese bites are one of the most loved McDonald’s snacks. It may seem ordinary but it has a wholesome combination of flavours and textures. With every bite, you can experience the hot melted cheese along with a crispy golden brown coating. The symphony of flavours tantalises the taste buds of cheese lovers.


  • Cheese
  • Green Jalapeno 
  • Wheat gluten 
  • Milk

McDonald’s Nacho Cheese Bites

McDonald’s Nacho Cheese Bites possess a delicious fusion of crispy outer coating and smooth and melted cheese inside. The nacho cheese is creamy and has a hint of spice. Chewing it with the crunchy coating gives a tantalising sensation. You will get sour cream and chive dip with it.


  • Cheese wedges
  • Sliced jalapenos 
  • Wheat flour
McDonald’s Nacho Cheese Bites

£6.99 | 1485 kcal

McDonald’s Cheese Melt Dippers

McDonald’s Cheese Melt Dippers have a fried crispy brown bread exterior filled with goey and soft processed cheese and camembert. The complement tangy tomato dip enhances its savoury flavours and delectable textures.


  • Processed cheese
  • Camembert
  • Parsley
  • Wheat batter
  • Vegetable oil for frying
McDonald’s Cheese Melt Dippers

£2.68 | 243 kcal

Availability of the Cheese Bites

McDonald’s brought back the discontinued chilli cheese bites in February 2023 but only for a short time. Nacho cheese bites also made a comeback in 2023 and received a lot of love from McDonald’s lovers but it was also discontinued later. The iconic cheese melt dippers are currently available at McDonald’s but for only a short time.

Importance of Balanced Snacking

Cheese Bites is made with such flavours and techniques that it is almost irresistible for us. They appear as a perfect munching snack which can be eaten daily. However, their high-calorie count and sodium levels are concerning. It can cause several health issues if consumed daily. Therefore, you should develop the habit of balanced snacking by having it occasionally.


Cheese bites are a tempting and yummy snack and a side served by McDonald’s. The crave-worthy cheese bites are available in distinct flavours which are loved and hyped by McDonald’s lovers. The crispy exterior and seasoned cheesy filling make it an iconic munching snack. These can be enjoyed with exciting sauces and drinks.

McDonald’s serves chilli cheese bites in 2 packaging. The first containing 4 pieces costs £2.69 and the share box containing 12 pieces costs £6.98.

Yes, McDonald’s serves three types of cheese bites. 

  1. Chilli cheese bites
  2. Cheese melt dippers
  3. Nacho cheese bites

Chilli cheese bites are deep-fried snacks which contain a lot of calories and sodium, hence, they should be only eaten occasionally.

60% of the cheese used by McDonald’s is processed cheddar cheese and it constitutes the main cheese portion.

No, McDonald’s cheese bites are fried in the same oil which is used for frying meat items. Hence, it is not a vegan-approved means. If you’re a vegetarian you can try the spicy veggie one wrap at McDonald’s.

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