KFC Wraps vs McDonald’s Wraps – Who Wins Your Appetite?

KFC Wraps vs McDonald’s Wrap

KFC vs. McDonald’s is a famous debate. Foodies excitedly discuss the menu items, flavours, and nutritional values. Wraps are a common and popular menu item. However, both use different ingredients and cooking methods and hence have different flavours and calorie counts. I tried wraps from these giant fast-food chains and will share my perspective on them in the article. It won’t be easy, but let’s start the battle between KFC wraps and McDonald’s wraps.

Variety of KFC Wraps Vs. McDonald’s Wraps

KFC and McDonald’s wraps come in diverse varieties. However, they have a basic wrap template, within which they innovate creatively to develop irresistible flavours.

KFC’s Wrap Flavors

KFC’s Wrap Flavors

At KFC, the twister is the main wrap. It has tempting flavours, spices, and wholesome textures.  It acts as a template for the production of other wrap flavours. KFC has innovated four different classic and bold flavours from it. They use four different sauces in all four different wraps: supercharger mayo, Kentucky mayo, smoky BBQ, and sweet chilli sauce.

KFC also has two wrap meals. In one, they give you your ordered flavor wrap along with fries and a soft drink. In the other meal option, you get a mini chicken fillet strip, regular fries, a side, and a soft drink. These two lunch meals are good, filling, and mouthwatering lunch delights.

McDonald’s Wrap Flavors

McDonald’s Big Flavour wraps

McDonald’s offers four primary flavours, including three chicken and one vegetarian option. They innovated with the three chicken wraps, ditching the frying of the chicken for grilling, and created another three irresistible flavours. So, we get a wide range of wrap flavors here. 

The mouthwatering flavours are the sweet chilli-flavoured grilled and crispy chicken, the Caesar and bacon chicken grilled and crispy, the BBQ and bacon chicken grilled and crispy, and lastly, their spicy veggie one.

Taste Battle Between KFC Wraps and McDonald’s Wraps

Both KFC and McDonald’s serve wholesome wraps with some crazy variations. Let’s discuss their taste palettes.

Bold Taste of KFC Wraps

Bold Taste of KFC Wraps

Foodies love to have KFC wraps to satisfy their decadent spicy and bold lunch cravings. The chicken fillet in the wraps emphasizes that no one can add better crispiness than KFC. Inside the crispy coating, you get a juicy tender, and well-seasoned chicken. 

On their signature crispy chicken fillet, KFC adds tangy pickled slaw, fiery, smoky BBQ,, and sweet chilli sauces, serving a burst of rich flavours. You can order their Kentucky mayo twister wrap if you crave something subtle and light. Its creamy mayo makes it a cozy meal.

Taste of McDonald’s Wrap

Subtle Taste of McDonald’s Wrap

McDonald’s Wraps are famous for their freshness. They offer the unique flavors of Caesar, BBQ, bacon, and sweet chilli. All the wraps come in grilled and crispy flavours. The crispy wrap gives festive vibes, whereas the grilled ones carry a homely warmness. 

At McDonald’s, juicy, well-cooked chicken is paired with fresh, colourful veggies to create nutritious wraps, topped with exciting sauces. Crunchy veggies with crispy chicken elevate the texture game of the wraps while on the grilled ones, crunchy veggies impart harmonious flavours.

Calorie Count of KFC and McDonald’s Wraps

Calorie count depends upon the ingredients used and the cooking methods of the meal. Let’s compare the calorie count of KFC wraps vs McDonald’s wraps.

Total Calories in KFC Wraps

Since KFC fries its chicken fillet, its wraps tend to have higher calorie content. For instance, its Kentucky mayo twister contains 520 kcal or 2175 kJ, whereas the sweet chilli twister contains the least, 490 kcal or 2040 kJ. They also serve mini BBQ wraps, which only contain 300 kcal or 1255 kJ.

Total Calories in McDonald’s Wraps

McDonald’s offers grilled and fried versions. The grilled version tends to be lower in calories, whereas the fried ones are higher. For instance, the grilled sweet chilli one has only 340 kcal, and its crispy fried version contains 439 kcal.

Potential Allergens in KFC and McDonald’s wraps

KFC and McDonald’s take good care of the ingredients. However, their wraps might contain potential allergens which could trigger allergies in some people.

Allergens in KFC Wraps

According to KFC’s official website, its wraps contain eggs, wheat gluten, and Milk. These ingredients are directly used in wraps. However, a few allergens can potentially be present in the wraps: celery, sesame, soya, and mustard.

Allergens in McDonald’s Wraps

Some potential allergen ingredients in McDonald’s wraps are wheat, gluten, mustard, eggs, milk, and celery. Other allergens that are not used but can be potentially present are rye gluten, barley gluten, sesame seeds, and peanuts.

Vegetarian options in KFC and McDonald’s Wrap Menu

Sadly, KFC doesn’t offer vegan—and vegetarian-friendly wraps, but McDonald’s does. You can order the spicy veggie wrap, which is filled with veggie dippers and crunchy, colourful vegetables topped with spicy relish. It is a vegan-certified meal and has a high fibre content.


I can’t declare a winner in the KFC wraps vs. McDonald’s wrap debate as taste preference is a subjective matter. Your personal choices and taste buds are the honest judges here. You can choose between the bold, tangy, and super crispy KFC wraps or the subtle and refreshing McDonald’s wraps. If calorie counts matter for you, then you have the options of the KFC mini wrap and the McDonald’s grilled wraps. The choice is always yours.

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