Do you get Monopoly stickers on breakfast?

The McDonald’s Monopoly gives McDonald’s customers chances to win big prizes such as electric cars and £100k cash. Customers need to understand the competition between monopolies by knowing about qualifying menu items and how they can participate in McDonald’s monopoly. People who often go to McDonald’s to eat breakfast items always ask, Can I get Monopoly stickers if I purchase any meal items on the breakfast menu?

Unfortunately, no breakfast item has been added to the McDonald’s Monopoly, so you will not get any Monopoly stickers on breakfast meals. However, there are many other food items through which you can collect Monopoly stickers. Another important thing is that customers must be above 18 to participate in the McDonald’s monopoly.

McDonald’s introduced the first-ever McDonald’s Monopoly in 2005, in which people started winning prizes by eating their favorite meals at McDonald’s. The last monopoly competition was held in 2023, and it lasted six weeks, from September 6th to October 17th.

McDonald’s food items with Monopoly stickers

monopoly food prizes

The Monopoly stickers are only on main meals and items served after 11 am. In the following table, we have mentioned food items included in the McDonald’s monopoly, prices, and the number of stickers each meal contains.

Food itemsPricesNo. of stickers
Fries (Medium or Large)£1.99 / £2.59  2
Big flavor wraps£5.19  3
Chicken salad£3.99   3
Chicken bacon salad4.59  3
Chicken McNuggets (6.9,20 pieces) £4.99 / £5.89 / £6.99  3
Side Salad £1.09  3
Mozzarella Dippers£2.29  2
Soft drinks£1.49  3
McCafe iced drink£3.29  3
Chicken selects (3 or 5 pieces)£5.39 / £6.59  3
McPlant burger£5.39  3
McCrispy £6.09  2
Fruit bag £0.99  3
McSpicy £5.89  2

How do I get Monopoly stickers?

You can get Monopoly stickers by purchasing food items from McDonald’s that are included in Monopoly. Make sure to find monopoly stickers on the packaging of food items. You can get a free drink or food from the counter if you find any “instant win” sticker on the meal packaging. Getting a Monopoly property sticker on food packaging will help you win big prizes including £100,000 or an electric car.

Monopoly rare stickers

Rare stickers of Monopoly are important to collect if you want to win big prizes.

  • Red: Strand
  • Brown: Old Kent Road
  • Dark blue: Mayfair
  • Orange: Marlborough Street
  • Green: Bond Street
  • Light blue: Euston Road
  • Yellow: Coventry Street
  • Pink: Northumberland Avenue
  • Train station: Liverpool St Station

McDonald’s Monopoly prizes

You can win different prizes through McDonald’s monopoly, from food items to shopping vouchers. There are many big prizes, including £100,000 in cash, £2k Holiday with TUI, and a mini electric car that you can win by entering McDonald’s monopoly.

Instant win prizes

McDonald’s Monopoly prizes
  • Pair of cinema tickets 
  • Mcdonald’s Bean Bag
  • £2k Holiday with TUI
  • Readly 3-Month Digital Subscription 
  • Hype Backpack
  • HyperX Gaming Keyboard
  • McDonald’s socks
  • 3 Months Adidas Runtastic Premium Membership
  • Wrappz personalized phone case
  • Experience day with Buyagift
  • Omen gaming laptop
  • McDonald’s Golden card

Cash prizes

McDonald’s Monopoly cash prize
  • £100k
  • £1,000
  • £5
  • £10
  • £20
  • £50
  • £100

Food prizes

  • Chicken nuggets
  • Fries
  • Burgers
  • Apple pies
  • Hash browns
  • McDonald’s medium extra value meal

Shopping vouchers prizes

  • 10% off
  • £10 CeX Voucher
  • 20% off at HyperX
  • 25% off at Glow Hub
  • 15% off Zavvi
  • 40% off Skullcandy
  • 10% off Go Ape activities

How to Redeem Monopoly Codes for Prizes

Redeeming monopoly codes for prizes depends on the reward categories, such as instant win, collect-to-win, and digital peel. In the instant win category, you can claim your food prize instantly by giving the token to the counter. The collect-to-win and digital peel category prizes can be claimed through the McDonald’s app.

You must get a full-color set of every piece to collect and win prizes. You may have to provide some other information, an online form, and a redeem code to get your prize. In double or digital peel, you will get an extra peel option on the McDonald’s app along with a peel-on pack, so you have many ways to collect and claim prizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many ways to get more stickers, such as finishing in the top three in the tournament, winning quick wins, spinning the color set wheel, etc.

The items with the most Monopoly stickers can be chicken salad, big flavor wraps, fries (Medium/large), the spicy veggie one, frozen strawberry lemonade, mozzarella dippers, and chicken selects (3 or 5).

You can get McDonald’s monopoly stickers by purchasing qualifying menu items. However, you can purchase these stickers from the eBay store to increase your chances of winning prizes.

The lucky couple Scarlett and Luke from Exeter won £100k Cash prize by playing McDonald’s Monopoly.

The rarest and hardest monopoly sticker to get is dark blue Mayfair. There are just 4 dark blue Mayfair stickers and one on the app.

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