McDonald’s Wrap of the Day – Latest Changes May 2024

The McDonald’s Wrap of the Day is a promotional food chain from McDonald’s in many countries, including the UK. The McDonald’s wrap of the day provides fascinating options for wrap enthusiasts, including vegetarians. Various flavors, from The Garlic Mayo Chicken One to The Spicy Sriracha Chicken One are available in McDonald’s wrap of the day.

McDonald’s Big Flavour Wrap of the Day in 2024

If you consume Maccie wrap often, I assume you are finding ways to get your ideal wrap with some more discount, or you may want to know all about McDonald’s wrap of the day flavors with its calorie count. Here, you will get complete details regarding their discount offers, collaborations, vegetarian options, etc. Make sure to check it out.

List of McDonald’s Wraps for Today

WeekdayMcDonald’s wrap of the dayGrilled Calories Crispy Calories
MondayThe Spicy Veggie One1532 kJ | 365 kcal1532 kJ 365 kcal
The Garlic Mayo Chicken One1473 kJ | 350 kcal2014 kJ 481 kcal
The Caesar & Bacon Chicken One1694 kJ | 403 kcal2226 kJ 532 kcal
TuesdayThe BBQ & Bacon Chicken One1536 kJ | 364 kcal2067 kJ 493 kcal
WednesdayThe Spicy Sriracha Chicken One (unavailbale)1284 kJ |304 kcal1815 kJ 432 kcal
ThursdayThe Spicy Veggie One1532 kJ | 365 kcal1532 kJ 365 kcal
The BBQ & Bacon Chicken One1536 kJ | 364 kcal2067 kJ 493 kcal
FridayThe sweet chilli chicken one1435 kJ | 340 kcal1966 kJ 469 kcal
SaturdayThe Garlic Mayo Chicken One1473 kJ | 350 kcal2014 kJ 481 kcal
The Caesar & Bacon Chicken One1694 kJ | 403 kcal2226 kJ 532 kcal
SundayThe Sweet Chilli Chicken One1435 kJ | 340 kcal1966 kJ 469 kcal

The McDonald’s “wrap of the day” chain starts Monday with the spicy veggie to the sweet chilli chicken one on Sunday. The daily rotation of wraps allows you to get a new taste every day. Some wraps are available only for a limited time; you can get 2 to 3 on some days. You can take a McDonald’s wrap of the day offer from any McDonald’s branch in the UK. 

The above table mentions the wrap calories of both crispy and grilled flavors. You can also check the prices of wraps in the following table, but keep in mind that these prices vary with time and location.

Exclusive Discounts for McDonald’s Wrap of the Day

McDonald’s often unveils offers and discounts on meal items such as wraps, drinks, and fries. The time-limited offers and discounts help to maintain an engaging and fascinating customer experience. These promotions and money-saving offers may be convenient for regular patrons.

You can save money by getting discounts on your favorite fast food items, including wraps, and by staying up to date on McDonald’s online presence, such as their mobile app, official website, etc. These offers can be limited, so stay connected to enjoy your ideal veggie or chicken wrap while saving money.

Vegetarian and Vegan Options In Wrap of the Day

There are different options for vegetarian people to taste at McDonald’s, including McPlant Burger, the spicy veggie one, hash brown, vegetable deluxe burger, and veggie dippers. The spicy veggie wrap is certified by the Vegetarian Society, but other options may or may not be certified vegan.

McDonald’s offers the best vegetarian option in the form of the spicy veggie wrap every Monday and Thursday. This wrap comprises veggie dippers instead of grilled or crispy chicken, often found in wraps. It also contains spicy relish, tomato slices, onion, tortilla, and lettuce.

McDonald’s Wrap Prices

WrapsPriceMedium MealLarge Meal
The Spicy Veggie One£3.89£5.59£6.39
The Garlic Mayo Chicken One£3.49£5.19£5.99
The Caesar & Bacon Chicken One£3.89£5.59£6.39
The BBQ & Bacon Chicken One£3.89£5.59£6.39
The Spicy Sriracha Chicken One£3.89£5.59£6.39
The sweet chilli chicken one£3.89£5.59£6.39

Allergen and Traces of Allergen

WrapAllergensTraces of Allergens
The Spicy Veggie OneWheat and MustardMilk, Rye Gluten, Barley Gluten, and Sesame Seed
The Garlic Mayo Chicken OneEgg, Wheat, Celery, Mustard and MilkSesame, Rye gluten, and Barley gluten
The Caesar & Bacon Chicken OneMustard, Egg, Milk and WheatRye Gluten, Sesame Seed, and Barley Gluten
The BBQ & Bacon Chicken OneCelery, Wheat, Mustard, and EggSesame Seed, Barley, Gluten and Rye Gluten
The Spicy Sriracha Chicken OneBarley Gluten, Sesame Seed, and Rye GlutenBarley gluten, Rye gluten and sesame
The sweet chilli chicken one crispyMilk, Celery, Wheat, Mustard and EggRye Gluten, Barley, Gluten and Sesame Seed

Taste of McDonald’s Wrap of the Day

You can choose from various wraps at McDonald’s to satisfy your fast food craving. From crispy to grilled to barbecue, every ingredient is thoughtfully selected for its delicious and flavorful taste.  McDonald’s has all kinds of tastes according to its customers’ preferences. If you love spicy, there is The Spicy Sriracha Chicken One wrap for you. A person who loves garlic mayo sauce can have “The Garlic Mayo Chicken One” wrapped every Monday.

Take a taste test of McDonald's Wrap of the Day

Wrap Collaboration and Partnership

McDonald’s often collaborates with celebrities, including sports stars, actors, and musicians, to make its Wrap of the Day fast food chain more fascinating. The partnerships and collaborations between McDonald’s and celebrities can be featured in any sports event and movie release. These campaigns and collaborations are necessary to attract customers and create excitement.

McDonald’s Branches and Locations

There are many McDonald’s branches worldwide, around 1428 in the UK. This restaurant has branches in every city and small town, making it convenient for everyone. They serve delicious wraps (veggie and chicken) of several flavors on different weekdays, so what are you waiting for? Check your city’s nearest McDonald’s branch through their mobile app and website and grab your ideal wrap.

McDonald’s Official Website

Is It Healthy to Eat McDonald’s Wraps?

To determine whether a McDonald’s wrap is healthy or unhealthy, it is important to check its ingredients and nutritional information. Most McDonald’s wraps consist of chicken breast strips, fresh vegetables, and tortilla bread. These ingredients provide adequate protein and carbohydrates but also contain allergens or traces of allergens, which might concern allergy sufferers.

Where Was It All Started?

In the mid-2000s, McDonald’s started offering wrap of the day to ensure their customers could enjoy several flavors of chicken wraps, such as The sweet chilli chicken one, The Garlic Mayo Chicken One, etc, on different weekdays. After it launched successfully, it became one of the fascinating things for McDonald’s regular customers and fast food lovers as they started tasting different wrap flavors.


The McDonald’s Wrap of the Day is a customer-friendly fast-food chain that provides various flavors. The best thing about McDonald’s Wrap of the Day is you can taste several flavors at an affordable price. Both crispy and grilled chicken wraps are the same price, but wrap flavors, such as the veggie one and the garlic mayo chicken, can vary with location.

After trying all the flavors of McDonald’s wrap of the day, I concluded that the garlic mayo chicken grilled wrap gave me complete pleasure at an affordable price. I use special promotions and offers to get discounts on my favorite wraps by using the McDonald’s app and their official website.

On Monday and Thursday, the vegetarian-friendly spicy veggie one wrap is the wrap of the day.

Since January 2023, McDonald’s stopped offering wrap of the day from delivery, and still, there are no chances of returning it.

McDonald’s started offering wrap of the day in the mid-2000s, and it became fascinating for people as they could have different wrap flavors on other days.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, McDonald’s offers a BBQ and bacon wrap. The large tortilla wrap comprises crispy/grilled chicken, streaky bacon, smoky BBQ sauce, vegetables, and cool mayo.

After a gap of three years, McDonald’s is now offering sausage patty & egg as breakfast wrap.

The McDonald’s omelet wrap contains omelet cheese, crispy or grilled chicken, and hash browns in a tortilla. This wrap is available from 6:00 am to 10:00 am during breakfast time at McDonald’s.

Due to complaints from employees, McDonald’s discontinued their wraps in 2016. Employees complained that the wrap takes too much time to prepare.

After just re-launching, McDonald’s has taken the breakfast wrap off their menu because of popular demand.

In 2024, McDonald’s will add the double Big Mac burger and KitKat Ruby Chocolate McFlurry.

The Caesar and bacon chicken wrap is available on Saturday at McDonald’s.

Even after two or three days, wraps can be eaten, but keep them in the fridge to enjoy their fresh taste.

Mcdonald’s wrap of the day costs less than the other flavor wraps. You can save money by getting discounts through McDonald’s app and website.